Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Whoa! Today our house was in need of some major cleaning. After traveling and getting out our Christmas decorations it was getting pretty desperate for some TLC. Here are two problem spots for me where things just seem to accumulate:

Now that's better!

After working like a crazy little bee during Calvin's nap both spaces are clutter free, for now. The table was a mess of stuff that I just kept adding to while we were decorating yesterday, so it took the bulk of my time because everything was from various parts of the house. I also got the dishes done and the recycling sorted, whew now that's getting a lot done in an hour and a half. My goal is for it to stay clutter free until I start my sewing projects next week.

Speaking of goals, I have several for this month.
  1. I'm making several Christmas gifts and one needs to be one ASAP and I hope to finish that before the weekend is over.
  2. I want to finish Calvin's baby book. It's half way finished and I don't have nearly as many pictures for the second half.
  3. I seriously want to finish the quilt I started a LONG time ago. I just need to piece the rows together and add the packing. I am making a cover for a blanket, for when we go overseas, since we already bought a blanket, it just needs a little beautifying.
  4. Make a few more burp cloths. I'd rather have that mess a bit more organized and it's amazing how much less space they take up when they are finished. Plus I figured while I have the machine out I should sew as much as possible.

So I guess I have my work cut out for me, considering we have busy weekends almost every weekend this month. How about you guys what are your problem areas of your house (I do hope I'm not the only one)? What are you planning on doing this Christmas season?


Marie said...

Hey we have the same problem areas, except our clothes stay in laundry baskets on the floor in the bedroom.

Marie said...

Thanks for your note! Yeah so far Addison hasn't mentioned anything about Santa, but I'm sure it will probably start this year. :)

Amanda said...

John and my dresser always seems to get cluttered up the day after I de-clutter. We also have this bookshelf that is built into one of the walls at our house where the children like to place anything they want. Construction paper, coloring books, school supplies, yikes. It's a mess.