Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Special Place

The last time I walked out of my grandparents house (my dad's parents) I certainly didn't expect it to be the last time I ever saw their house as I remember it. As most of you know my grandfather passed away a few days before we returned to the states and the funeral was the day we returned to America. Our flight was already booked and we weren't able to make it to the funeral so sometimes it feels a little surreal.

Since then my grandmother has not been able to return home due to some health concerns. In May she broke her hip and has now returned back to her apartment. She is one determined lady that is for sure and has really bounced back and worked hard at physical therapy.

Since she is not able to live alone the family decided that it was time to sell the house. My parents and aunts and uncles have been going through their things and preparing the house for auction. Everything is out of the house and there is now new carpeting and freshly painted walls. We stopped by this weekend to see the place one last time before it is auctioned off and it already looks so different.

It's crazy how a house can carry so many memories. I remember running around chasing my cousins in this house. How my grandpa would always ask me if I wanted juice and he would pour me a glass of orange juice whether I wanted one or not. After church I knew we would go to the kitchen and find my grandma making something and we would immediately go to the cookie jar for a sandwich cookie. I remember watching my dad and his brothers and sisters play cards at the kitchen table. A mix of Spanish and English was always spoken around that table. I have eaten my fair share of tamales and tacos around that table. A plate of food was always placed in front of you regardless if you were hungry.

I got to thinking how many of us toddled inside the walls of that small house. There are thousands of hours of memories found there and soon they will also include another family. Although it is sad to see it leave our family I am thankful to be a part of a family that loved each other and loved getting together. My life would have been very different without it. My heart will continue to grieve this loss but i rejoice in the fact that the memories don't go away with the sale of this house. They will always be treasured.

In the back of the house.

The living room.

I have gone in and out of this door so many times but it wasn't until this trip that I noticed the T on the door.

I will always picture my grandpa standing in the kitchen as we came in the house and being surprised that we were there.

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