Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mobile Boy

Calvin started crawling today!!! He still needs a little bit of practice but he is officially mobile (when he wants to be)! He has been pulling up and cruising around furniture for a while now and I think he still prefers standing and walking to crawling, but maybe that will change as he gets better at it. He is getting better at pulling to a stand and can make it from laying down to standing up all on his own. I went to get him from nap today and he was standing in his crib. Our little baby is becoming a little boy so quickly. Now he needs to work on a few teeth, in the meantime I will enjoy his toothless grin while he still has it.

He loves these teething biscuits and so do I. If I need an extra 10-15 minutes before dinner these do the trick and I have a few more minutes to get dinner finished.
Calvin used to stick to the bottom shelf but he has officially moved up and can now take everything off of the top shelf too.

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