Friday, August 24, 2007

Thoughts about the Hospital

Well we feel very thankful to be in a city that has amazing medical care. There were times during our little stay where Marvin and I looked around and thought, "Where are we?" It was surreal at times but the staff was great and we even made a few friends in the process. I went back today to have another stress test done and saw several nurses who cared for me. I hope by the time we have this little guy we might be able to say a few things to them.

Here's a picture of the room we stayed at. Thankfully we bought a couple of new pillows just in time. My body pillow was one of the first items I requested Marvin to bring from home. The little hospital pillow does nothing for a pregnant woman. There was even a little chair that folded out into a bed so Marvin could sleep right in the room. They even came every day to take his meal order. Unfortunately we always gave him a blank stare when he spoke to us, but he did his job and brought him something, and it was actually really good.

Marvin couldn't resist the sight of me trying to function with tubes in both hands. I really think that the IVs were the worst part of the hospital stay. My hands still hurt. I am very glad to be free of them right now.

Lastly here are my belly imprints. It was funny because they would die off a little but then it was time to hook the monitor back up again, so it made it easy for the nurse to find the right spot.

Overall it was a pleasant experience, for a hospital stay. We are so thankful that we left without having a baby quite yet. The air conditioning was a nice perk of our stay, but I would much rather be sweating like crazy than have our little guy make his debut right now.
Marvin has been wonderful helping me out with basic things like, getting up from the couch, etc since being home. I always knew I had a great husband but now he is just blowing me away once again. So we will take things one day at a time right now and celebrate each day our little guy stays inside.

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Sherry said...

Oh!!! look at you! So cute! I'm glad he's doing well and you are enjoying where you are at. I can't wait to see this little guy!!