Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The New Place

We are pretty excited about our new little place that we were able to rent before our quick exit last week. So how about a little tour?

This is our entryway and on the left side of the picture you can see there is a closet! I couldn't believe it a real closet! They are hard to come by in our part of the world, so this is an extra bonus of our new flat. There is also a padded door which will help keep sound and cold air out of our apartment.

Next let's enter our living room. Yes this flat come equipped with local decor. I think I becoming used to this type of decorating because when I saw the rug on the wall I had a moment when I actually thought, "Hey that would go great with our couch." We will see if the rug stays or goes.

Part of this massive wall unit will help meet our furniture needs in our bedroom. Locals will probablly think we are crazy for separating such a beauty but unlike locals we would feel better about having our unmentionables tucked away in our bedroom rather than in our living room.

You have now entered our bedroom. I am still trying to figure out how to make this room look a little less pink. Any suggestions?

This will be our little guy's room and will give us a snug little bed for a guest or a couch to sit and read a few books on.

Here will be the office, it's an enclosed balcony off of the living room. It is a perfect place to put a computer and a will give my introverted husband a little space to himself when he needs it.

Our kitchen is a bit tight on space but after an IKEA run today I think I found something that will help us fit everything into this small space. It's hard to believe but we will fit a stove, fridge and washing machine all in this small space. The door leads out to the balcony which has a bit more storage and a window which opens out to a few clothes lines for drying clothes during the warm months.

Last but not least our bathroom. It leaves a little to be desired, but it has a good faucet and with a little bit of decorating won't be so bad. Unfortunately we don't have a picture of our toliet room, fully equipped with a red toilet and car stickers along the wall, sweet! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get stickers off of walls without goo gone?

We are really looking forward to getting to live here and feel it will be a great first home for our little guy. Out of all the apartments we looked at this one caught our attention. We are certainly glad not to have to go through the remodeling process again as there are only a few finishing touches here and there that need to be done. It seems like it will be forever until we get to move in, but in the meantime we will look forward to living here.


carrie f. said...

You can always try fingernail polish remover on the stickers...preferably pure acetone. That's my only suggestion other goof-off, which you probably can't find. :) Maybe lots of warm water and a non-abrasive soft scrubber, otherwise known as a Dobie.

Toby Bates said...

Hey guys! Love the new place...the bedrooms look great and love, love, love the rugs. :) So glad everything came together before you had to go out of town! Good luck with the stickers...I'd try warm soapy water, too, and a pampered chef scraper if you have one. Can't wait to see that red toilet!

Toby Bates said...

oops, I guess our google account is under Toby's name! How funny. Check out his blog at it's pretty funny