Friday, June 29, 2007

My Favorite Birthday

Well I am finally 26! It has been my favorite age ever since I was a child. I am not sure where the fascination came from but maybe it has to do with being born on the 26th of June. Who knows?!?!

Well it was a great day. I have to tell you I have the greatest husband who made the day so special, starting with making me breakfast and picking me some fresh AMAZING strawberries from the garden, they were heavenly!

We went out to eat for lunch and stopped at the grocery store and found we now can get hamburger and hot dog buns! I was pretty excited as we were having a cookout that night to celebrate. Sweet little surprises!

Our team fixed an amazing dinner with lots of my favorites. Thanks mom for sending the Jell-O, the rainbow salad was awesome!

The whole evening was topped off by a few fireworks Marvin bought, something people here do for their birthdays. It was such an amazing day and I already love being 26!

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Sherry said...

You've got to move that cake! I want to see your bump!