Saturday, June 16, 2007

Baby Shower Blessings

First we have to say we have the greatest team in the world as well as dear freinds in the states. The last week we were blessed by two different showers. The first shower was a dual shower with our other colleagues and the whole gang got to be there, little boys included, they were definately appeased by getting to eat brownies.
Our second shower was given to us via the wonderful world of skype. We were so loved to see some dear friends, and it was like we were sitting in their living room talking with them, the whole time I just wanted to reach out and give them all a big hug.
Thank you all so much for how you all loved on us. We thank you for the much needed baby things and for your thoughtfulness. You all the greatest. We miss you guys so much.
Marvin & Erica

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