Sunday, May 13, 2007

A little Randomness

All the apple trees are blooming in our village right now and we have a few blooms on our strawberry plants so summer is very near. Even though we have had beautiful weather apparently it still is not sandal season, as I was scolded yesterday for not having my feet covered. Apparently all the locals know when it is time to change to the next shoe; they just don't let us in on this secret. It is funny because I saw a lady who was probably around 50 wearing fishnet stockings and sandals and apparently that is okay but just bare toes is a thing to be concerned about right now.

So the upstairs bathroom has been finished for over a week, and there is still water dripping from the lines of the toilet. Even if we turn the water off a drip persists, and our small bucket quickly filled up, so my brilliant husband constructed a water drainage system into a large bucket using a plastic Pepsi bottle, but when we forget to turn off the water, we have a wet mess on the floor. I forgot to turn off the water today and when we came home I was greeted to water everywhere in the bathroom. GRRR!!!! We hope the remodeling crew comes tomorrow to fix this problem.

The hot water heater is out of the downstairs bathroom, along with all tile that was on the wall, the toilet, bathtub, sink, and heater. So hopefully the tile work can begin this week and we will be closer to the end of this remodeling process. With the hotwater heater out we are having to boil water for dishes. I am sure the repairmen think it is crazy that we are using plastic plates at home, but I am all for the least amount of dishes right now without hot water.

Marvin got a few strange looks when he hooked up the sprinkler he bought. I haven't seen any sprinklers anywhere here, people just stand around with a hose and water everything.

I was on my way to class the other day and took the 18 to get there, which goes down a busy street and I saw a dog pooping in the middle of the road. I can honestly say I have never seen that before.

I also went to the doctor Friday and she asked me how I was feeling and then got out this needle like blunt object and told me to stick out my hand and she proceeded to poke my hand and told me to tell her if it hurt. It did so I told her it hurt and she asked me to point where it hurt, so I just picked a spot because it hurt in a lot of places and she looked at my hand and said yes it is your liver. Then she poked the other hand, and I wasn't going to tell her it hurt because I was afraid she might do to me next. So the conclusion of this little test was that only the right side of my liver has the problem. WHAT?!? Then she used this small needle object and poked my ear, and then massaged them and told me that I needed to do this every day. She also had my lie on my stomach and then popped my back and massaged my shoulder. The only good things that came out of this visit was she weighed me and measured my stomach. I left there thinking, did I just pay her to massage my ears and poke my hand? But she's the best we have in town, it's kind of scary!

You still can't tell I am pregnant and I am in my 16th week. Every night before bed I ask Marvin if he can tell yet, and usually he says stop arching your back. One of these days he is going to say yes and I won't even be arching my back. I am starting to feel better, or so I hope. Monday and on have been sick free days, PTL.

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