Saturday, May 19, 2007

A day in the Park

It seems like smells really get to me now, but I am happy to say, I can now make it to the market without a Kleenex held up to my nose most of the time. So Marvin and I decided it was high time for a date out of the house. The beautiful weather lately inspired us to take a stroll through the park, something that most of the locals do regularly. It was such a busy day as everyone was out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. I also was very excited about stopping to get a fountain drink at the Coke Can Stand. Fountain drinks are hard to come by in our next of the woods, but during the summer there are there stands that are in the shape of a Coke Can that sell fountain drinks. It is a real treat every now and then, and saved me several times when I was standing out in the heat waiting on public transportation home, so I was super excited to see that a few had opened.

So Marvin and I were enjoying our fountain drinks when our friends Ute and May called to see if we wanted to go to the park with them, so we met up with them and took a long stroll through the park. We first took a turn on the turtle paced Farris wheel and then decided to take the lift up to a hill that overlooks town. After we finished the lift we walked along the river to the last lake in the park and got our share of views of men in their underwear/speedos. Apparently that is how you swim here. We finished out evening with kebabs near the lake and as we were making our way to a main street to catch a taxi we saw our first wild hedgehog. The poor thing was so afraid and wouldn’t unroll itself no matter how quiet we were, so we gave up and finally made it home at 9:30 to enjoy some strawberry shortcake! It was a great date!

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