Thursday, April 12, 2007

Going to the Doctor

My first trip to the Doctor

Well you wouldn’t think going to the doctor would be exciting, but well when you don’t know the language very well, it sure can be exciting.

So I was able to explain everything I wanted to, but I didn’t understand some of her questions.

My favorite question was “How’s your Liver?”
What I wanted to say was, “it’s still there”, but what I really said was, it’s good.

She was asking me about morning sickness and I told her how often I was getting sick, and then she asked me another question that I didn’t really understand, and she repeated it. I have no idea what she was talking about, but that she wanted me to get some more tests done, and she needed to have an ultra sound done of my liver and kidneys, not of the baby apparently, because we went there and I asked the lady what kind of ultra sounds they needed to do and she told me that my doctor didn’t say anything about the baby, so we asked her to do an ultra sound to show us the baby, and she happily agreed.

Marvin got to see our growing little pumpkin for a while, I only got a quick glance as she only turn the monitor and showed me for few seconds. The good news was we heard a good heartbeat, and pumpkin has two legs, two arms and looks like everything is developing alright. It is nice to know I am not imagining this whole being pregnant thing, as I haven’t gained any weight.

Here are a few of fun suggestions my doctor had for me:
Eat lots and lots of cabbage!
Eat a lot of vegetables and white things but not together because this isn’t good for your liver.
Don’t drink water that is too cold or too hot.
If I eat meat don’t eat it with any bread products.

Second Trip to the Doctor

I had to go back to the doctor so that she could interpret the results. The funny thing is that she spent most of the time telling me about how to keep my liver and kidneys healthy, and didn’t say anything about the ultrasound I had of the baby. I just don’t get it.

Anyway the great advice continues! Today she told me that I should only eat white bread, not dark bread and I need to light incense 3-4 times a day and drink this ½ liter of this special tea while the incense was burning. About the only good advice I got today as don’t drink any alcohol. I brought a translator this time and even my translator thought that the whole burning incense was a little weird.

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