Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marvin's Excursion

We had a friend from the states come a couple of week's ago and wanted to take him to see some of the local scenery, so we asked on of our language teachers about public transportation to see this part of our area. He quickly suggested that he would borrow his brother's car and take us. He also suggested showing us his village, something that he has only offered one other time. I skipped this excursion, due to the nausea I already am having I didn't think it would be wise to give my stomach one more reason not to agree with me, but Marvin and our guest had a great time. They stopped by a lake near our city that is crystal clear and incredibly deep, that they still don't know how deep it actually is, and then they went to my favorite part of our area the tunnel through the mountain. There are literally 180 degree drop offs. Unfortunately it was cold while they were there so they couldn't enjoy it for very long before freezing. We are hoping to be able to take the summer team out to this area and go even further as there are some ancient houses still standing if you keep going past the tunnels.

On the way back home they were able to stop at our language teacher’s village. Marvin was able to meet his mother, aunt, and uncle. They had tea, and of course our teacher's mother wasn't happy that he didn't tell her that they were coming. In the end Marvin left with a lovely sweater his mother knitted, and a huge jar of pickles and a huge jar of tomatoes. She even threw in a little candy for the road. What a sweet woman. .

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