Monday, March 26, 2007

Let me just have an Eeyore Moment!

I must say that I miss spring in Kansas. Let me just tell you what spring is like here, grey, wet, cold, and disgusting! Every now and then we get to see the sun, and we are thankful for the little bit of brightness we can get. Here is what I miss about spring vs. what it like here:

Waking up and hearing little song birds out your window, with the sun shining in your room.

(Here the birds sound like they are crying because it is cold, and they migrated too early.)

When you look out the window in the morning to see a little bit of frost left on the ground, being melted by the sun.
(Here we see massive puddles of standing water.)

The crisp clean air you breathe in as you walk outside in the morning.
(The air here just doesn’t have that crisp smell to it, and it is often scented by cows and exhaust.)

How the air warms with the day and getting to shed layers throughout the day.
(I’m pretty sure I will be wearing my coat for a while longer.)

Maybe I’m being a little dramatic right now, but it is currently snowing and all I know is I miss spring in Kansas!

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Natalie said...

Don't snowed here yesterday! And it is freezing cold out, strange since it was 80 degrees a few days ago! typical Kansas huh? miss and love you guys!