Sunday, March 06, 2016

Goodbye Fall

Micah goes to preschool classes three days a week for 2 hours.  It is really school prep classes, so he has 20 minute classes then a 10 minute break between them, like they would have at school.  He has 4 classes each day.schedule and his teacher changes depending on the class, but he stays in the same classroom.

It's very much getting kids ready for the rigors of school here.  So sitting at a desk, practicing writing letters, etc.  But it is helping him learn some language and he's slowly making some friends and learning how to engage in play.

He has...
Art class
English class
A speech development class....we call that one Russian
Social Studies (basically draw animals, because he doesn't understand any of the facts)
Math class
and...Psychology (seriously I have no idea what is taught in this class, but they draw pictures, play games, learn poems.)

At the end of fall they had a little party to say goodbye to fall.

It was pretty cute and they did a great job.  Micah was pretty shy and didn't want to participate in much of it, but it was a good experience.
Fall gathered all the orange off the children's clothes and turned her water yellow.  The kids were amazed.

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