Thursday, December 11, 2014

Apartment Tour

Well we've been in our new place for 3 months now so it's about time to post some pictures.

I still cannot believe the apartment we've been blessed with.  It has been such a gift to be able to host and entertain with ease and without feeling cramped.  I love that we can send the kids upstairs and that their noise is contained above us.  (I am sure our neighbors are thankful too.)  I love how we can contain most toys upstairs, giving us a place to entertain without having to clean up the entire house and worry about the boys getting out toys 5 minutes before guests are due to arrive.  It feels like a house without the work of maintaining a yard.

So here's the tour.

The only negative of this place is that it's on the 4th floor without a lift (elevator), which makes it a workout to get all our groceries up the stairs and often I'm carrying Judah too.  I call it extra calorie burnage, to keep it positive.  :)

Come on in and take off your shoes and coat.

Head on into our kitchen.

I love and hate the size.  It's a large space to clean and the floor shows every ounce of dirt, stickiness, and crumbs.  I miss my dark tile floors I had in our last apartments, but it makes me have a cleaner kitchen.

Our living room is currently all decked out for Christmas.

I snapped these pictures while the little ornament snatcher was busy.  Usually there are several all over this floor.  Our couch pulls out, and it pretty comfy, so it converts into a great guest room.

We have a toilet downstairs, which is very nice, but with little boys I feel like I'm cleaning this thing all the time.

The boys room is downstairs.  (I've been grateful for the video monitor Mom and Dad.)

Marvin's office is tucked on the side of the stairs, along with our "dryer".  We had intended to buy a dryer once we sold our unneeded furniture in our old apartment since the only place for a drying rack was on the balcony which doesn't work well in the winter.  However after I got into a good routine at our new place we decided that $1,000 would be better saved than spent. 

Marvin built some great shelves for storage under the stairs that holds all or camping, hiking, and outdoor gear that seems to grow by the year.

Upstairs is where we have a big play space for the boys and where we can do school.  Calvin's currently working with his nanny in this picture on his homework for school.  I even have a desk with my craft and sewing supplies, however it's been a coloring center for Micah recently, so I'm sure in time it will transition to a second school desk.

Our bathroom upstairs has a shower and tub.

And our bedroom is upstairs as well.

So there you go, our apartment.  You should stop by sometime.

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Singing Away said...

How I wish I could stop by and see you guys... looks so nice and homey... and big!!