Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I've never put much significance in Mother's Day.  Sure it's nice to be honored, because this job is hard and one that is navigated with much prayer and patience, which I'll confess I need more of.  However this year I was dreading it.

I'm thankful for the gifts I receive on a daily basis.  The surprise behind the back hugs I get from my Micah man, his little voice that says read books as he climbs into my lap.  Random "I love yous" throughout the day from Calvin.  Giggles, stories, car sounds, yet there's a third voice that isn't a part of the three boys I have welcomed into the world and sometimes that silence is deafening.  I often wonder what the decibel level would be like in our house with Micah and Seth so close in age.  What the dynamics would be between them.

So on days like Mother's Day it's hard to celebrate fully because a piece of what defines me as a mother isn't physically present.

This morning I saw this on facebook and perfectly summed up how I was feeling.  What a beautiful Portrait of a Mother she painted.

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