Monday, June 02, 2008

A Fun Weekend

We are all exhausted, but we had such a fun weekend. My cousin got married this weekend at my grandparent's farm. It was a beautiful ceremony held in a place that has so many memories for several generations of our family.

My grandfather was raised in the same house he now lives in and I was thinking of how much history our family has in that house. It was where my great-grandparents raised 6 children and where they all grew into adults. It was where my mother grew up and a place this city girl always love to visit. Grandpa would always let us "drive" the tractors and allowed us to be apart of our family's history. I love that I can now take Calvin there and I hope that he too will have memories of grandpa's farm.

I think I have taken these special places for granted sometimes. In my mind I think that they will always be there. My paternal grandparents house is one of these places too. I have so many memories there too. It's this tiny little house but it is bursting full of memories. After my grandfather died my grandmother was unable to return home and part of my heart is grieving the loss of that special place. I told Marvin that I have eaten so many cookies around that table and I will never walk in to be met by my grandpa who always looks surprised when we came to visit, even if he knew we were coming. Even though it is hard that it will never be the same I am thankful for the memories and how they bring a smile to my face. Praise the Lord for Family!

Here are a few pictures of the wedding:
My Cousins (the groom and his sisters)

Calvin got to meet a few great great aunts & uncles.

It was a beautiful wedding and we are so thankful that we were able to be there for such a special day.

My grandpa (seated) with his brothers, sister and their wives. (My grandma is standing on the far right)

We also were able to catch a dear friend of mine from high school on her way through Kansas. It is aways fun to catch up with her and also comforting that regardless of how much time we have spent away from each other we can just pick right back up where we left off. Her kids are so fun, I wish we lived closer to them, but are grateful for the times when we have the opportunity to see them.

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Sherry said...

the wedding was beautiful! That picture of the three of you needs to be your Christmas picture. It's so cute!! Fun to see pictures of Travis and Jen too.

It was so fun to see you guys. We need to do it more often:). Love ya.