Saturday, August 05, 2006

Anniversery Get-A-Way

It's Cold Up HERE! Sights from Our First Chair Lift!
Here I am hiking in the morning, notice Marvin took this picture from a distance while waiting on me.

We had such a great time in the mountains. We found a mini bus that took us right to where we needed to go. It was a little bumpy but for the price we won't complain.

While there we relaxed and enjoyed several great hikes. As with Marvin's personality his pace of hiking is steady. Mine however changed on the time of day and my body temperature. For all those who know me know that I am not a morning person, so when we decided to start our hike out in the morning, let's just say Marvin didn't think we would ever reach our destination.

We also made our way up the tallest Mountain in our area over 5,000 meters. Many tourists come to summit it's peaks. We actually met some Americans there, and we heard some people speaking German and Italian. Unlike the other tourists we used the chair lifts to make our way up the mountain. This was our first chair lift experience, and a little intimidating based on our knowledge of how things are maintained in our part of the world. The final chair lift took us into the clouds, and as we assended it started to snow. We were thankful we purchased hats that day, it was quite cold at our highest elevation. We were thankful to warm up with a hot cup of tea when we reached the bottom.