Thursday, June 29, 2006

Saturday....a Wedding

We had the opportunity to go to our first local wedding. It was quite an experience and one that we will never forget. Weddings for this particular people group are a three step event here. 1st the bride has a gathering at her house with all her friends and family. Every room of the house and the patio are filled with tables set carefully with an array of foods, which include salads, fruit, tomatoes, cucumbers, fried bread, bread, chicken, and of course caviar. The bride can be found walking around greeting all her guests, then midway through the party the groom arrives with an entourage of his family members. The women bring the bride's family presents, and then the men offer an exchange of food and drinks in a symbolic joining of the families. After these presentations the groom's family is treated to a meal. The bride's female relatives during this whole event are busy cooking, serving guests fresh food. Song and dance follow the food, and finally the bride emerges from the house and the groom sees her for the first time

2. The bride and groom travel to the marriage office where they make the marriage legal.

3. After this step the bride and groom rush away to the groom's house for another party. Only this time it is for the groom's family and friends. The bride only takes one of her relatives with her to attend to her needs. She must remain solemn and stay in a corner throughout the evening. We were only able to attend the first two steps, but enjoyed being a part of such a neat tradition.


mckenna said...

How cool! What are their courtship traditions? Do they choose their spouse? You guys are on such a cool adventure!

Marie said...

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