Friday, May 12, 2006

Things we have grown accoustomed to:

We have been here over 3 months now and the other day we evaluated how our life has changed. Here are a few things that have changed:

  • We are ready to entertain with the ring of our door bell, and we always have a quick meal that can be thrown together for guests.

  • We shine our shoes every time we leave the house, and notice when they are dirty.

  • Grocery shopping is done over a period of days as you can only buy as much as your hands can carry and often times you have a list of items you need to buy elsewhere because the store was out of that item.

  • We drink alot of tea.

  • It is true that if you get one task accomplished a day you are lucky. We have learned how to realistically plan what a person can and cannot get done in a day. For instance yesterday I planned to study and work on the computer at the office. Well the power was out therefore only studying happened.

  • We have learned how to cope with having your water shut off for the day. Trashcans are great for holding water, and we always make sure they are full.

  • We have learned how to tag team tortilla making.

  • Days of prepackaged meals no longer exist, cooking from scratch is the name of the game.

  • When attempting to speak this language we are use to receiving blank stares.

These are just a few ways our life has changed.

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