Monday, August 14, 2017

Star Wars Episode 6 and 9

The boys have been into a Star Wars kick.  They had a couple of books that they read over and over, and a friend let us borrow the oldest movies and then they were hooked.

So Star Wars it was for their birthday this year.  I was celebrating only having to do one party.

I even found a few party supplies here!
Easy sandwiches, chips, sliced veggies, grape light sabers and jello. 

A big hit with all the kids

We played a few games.  The boys had received a BB8 that operates with a remote control thanks to their Aunt and Uncle.
This was a hit.
Jedi Training
More training

Then it was cake time.
Calvin chose BB8

Micah wanted a Chewbacca cake

A few of the party goers
 Captain Phasma
 And Princess Leia
And we wrapped up the training with some Lego Star Wars.

 A fantastic way to celebrate turning 6 and 9!

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